Please select a service to make a booking. You may select more than one service, however, please review specifics as most packages may include additional services.

Electronics Installation

Electronics Installation-

From remote starts to revamped sounds systems, fabrication and more, we can get your car to the level of comfort you want. Booking an electronics appointment does NOT guarantee the timing is appropriate for the work requested. Schedule a desired time and our team will contact you. Bring in your vehicle to receive an accurate quote.

(2 hours)

Quick Wash

Quick Wash-

Our quick washes use a single bucket method, washing your car with a simple soap solution and one wash mitt. Service Includes: Exterior Wash & Dry, Clean Wheels, Dress Tires, Clean Windows, Vacuum. Price is for standard size vehicles and exclusive of tax.

(1 hour)
$ 35.00

Premium Hand Wash

Premium Hand Wash-

The first bucket rinses the mitt, second bucket offers clean soap and third a rinse of soapy dirt. Service Includes: Quick Wash, plus: Wipe Down Dashboard & Door Panels, Wipe Down Door Pockets & Cup Holders. Price is for standard vehicle sizes and exclusive of tax.

(1 hour)
$ 45.00

Gold Detail Package

Gold Detail Package-

(3 hours)
$ 229.00

Platinum Detail Package

Platinum Detail Package-

(4 hours)
$ 289.00

Titanium Detail Package

Titanium Detail Package-

(6 hours)
$ 489.00

Interior Detail

Interior Detail-

(3 hours)
$ 129.00

Interior Detail

Interior Detail - Heavy

(4 hours)
$ 199.00